Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Have a Great Kid. And Six Fewer Items.

There was a point not too long ago when I thoroughly went through my toys and left myself ONLY with toys my kids played with. Today when I did a deep clean of my basement I found five things that I couldn't part with before because they're great toys. Today I realized that they could better serve someone else.

My friend took all of these items (except for the necklace, which I threw out). She planned to keep three of them and donate two of them to a drive that her child's school is doing.

This batch is notable for a couple of reasons. First, that doll? Alex and I bought that doll in 2001 to teach our dogs about the baby who was coming soon. Now I just hope the little kid it ends up with is nicknamed "Sam", because that's what my Sam wrote on the baby's leg.

The other reason this batch is notable is because Sam caught me trying to sneak the stuff out of the house and was surprisingly cool about it. In fact, he saw that my friend and I were carrying the items out of the house and insisted on helping. And he didn't object at all, which is something he usually does at least for appearance's sake.

When he noticed that the baby doll was on its way out though, he did object. If this were a toy he played with more than once every six months, I would have agreed to take it back. But because he doesn't play with it, I launched into a speech about how we have lots of toys and the baby was going to go to a kid who doesn't have lots of toys.

Sam decided that was cool. That made me think Sam is cool.

Total items for the day: 6!


BetteJo said...

Great job! I always loved the 'doodle' toys. Those were hard for ME to give up.

Er .. not that I ever played with them either. Ahem.

Manic Mommy said...

Does your friend need another sit and spin? The nausea-inducing fun toy of my youth became goddamned annoying noisy toy with the addition of unnecessary sound.

Threeundertwo said...

I love thinking about the square inches things like this take up in my house. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I need a sit n spin!!! I wish I got that big load of crap, we would have loved it!

AwwwTrouble said...

Your blog has really been an inspiration - I've started my own, short-term (for now) version at AwwwClutter.

Now I just have to figure out how to get that neat little table you have on the right. Can you give me a clue?