Sunday, November 23, 2008

How I Celebrated National Decluttering Day

After challenging all of you to declutter at least 10 items this weekend, it occurred to me that I had to do some work too or I would look like a big fat Jerky Jerkerson. Especially after your comments with your lists of items came rolling in. So I decided to tackle one of the "big projects" I keep claiming that I'm going to do.

Remember this? If you weren't around then, back in July I cleaned out half of a closet and promised to do the other half soon. Well, here it is only November, and I'm following up on my promise.

The only problem is that the closet had since reverted back to this:

In my defense, most of that is because three suitcases were thrown haphazardly in there, as well as some earlybird Christmas purchases. The shelves I cleaned in July were still clean.

I should explain the purpose of this closet. It is my Secret Closet, thus named because it is where I hide presents from my famiy. It is also (when clean) large enough to sit in to wrap presents. So, yes, I can claim to have my own gift wrapping room.

Once I organized the clutter that had just been thrown in the door, I decided to organize my gift wrap. I have a lot of gift wrap, mostly because it is so unorganized that I think I don't have enough and so I buy more.

Hmmm, I wonder why that is?

First, I took everything out of my gift wrap organizer. I cleaned up my ribbon and threw away any that was too sqooshed or unraveled to use. Then I stacked up my tissue paper and non-roll wrapping paper and put them in the organizer.

Next up were gift bags. I save mine to reuse (big surprise there, huh?), but I haven't been keeping good track of them. I sorted them by size, with the Christmas bags in a different stack, then I put all of them in an easy-to-access pocket of the organizer.

Because my ribbons, tags, scissors, tape, pens, and the box I keep receipts in until after the holidays were already organized on a shelf from last time, that was all I had to do to achieve gift wrapping access.

The closet is L-shaped, and past the gift wrap and around the corner was a big pile of old pillows and some waterproof sheets from my kids' beds. This is where I throw bags that I'm not sure I'm ready to part with. I also have a couple boxes of baby things I'm not ready to part with.

You know what? I am finally ready to part with a bunch of the bags, but not the baby items.

I pulled a lot of things out and then cleaned up the baby things, some bags, an inflatable bed, and a box of lids to plastic bins that aren't being used right now, but might be in the future. (I know, I know, I have a problem.)

This closet is also where I keep art supplies for myself and my children that I don't use a lot. These art supplies were in bins and in boxes and all over the floor. I put some in my piles to donate and throw away and then organized the rest—one bin for my stuff, one bin for my kids' stuff. Then I put it all in the corner and moved our suitcases next to them.

Compare this to the second photo above.

Now, for the big reveal. Take a look again at the first photo to see what was there when I opened my closet. Now look at this picture to see what I saw just before closing the door:

Nice, huh?

Do I still deserve to be among you on National Decluttering Day?

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I'm going to show you what I got rid of. I promise, it's dramatic.

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Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo! Awesome!

(By the way, do you know where I can drop off my plastic toys? NCC just came for a pickup last week...)