Friday, November 21, 2008

I Challenge You

Hey, everyone, Kijiji, a website featuring free, local classified ads, has arbitrarily named this Saturday, November 22 National Declutter Day.

If you click on that link above, you can enter a contest to win a home visit from decluttering expert Tava Smiley, host of the TLC show Clean Sweep.

There is also a packrat quiz on the site. I took the quiz and my result was that I am a "Hopeful Hanger-On," meaning that I keep things around because I'm convinced they'll come in handy in the future.

I have to admit that they nailed me. I'm getting better, and this blog has been a big part of that, but hopeful hanging on is exactly what got me into trouble in the first place.

I'd also like to challenge you to take advantage of National Declutter Day, no matter how arbitrary it may be. I challenge you to look around your house on Saturday and get rid of at least ten items.

Come back after you declutter, and tell me what you got rid of. Sometime on Monday I'll look through all your responses and pick the best one. Or if there are a bunch I really like, I'll make my kids pick a winner out of a hat.

The winner (continental U.S. only please) will receive a super-awesome Stimeyland luggage tag. Because there's no better way to celebrate decluttering than recluttering! If you want to enter, remember to leave your email address.


Jessica McFadden said...

I already have an awesome Stimeyland tag on my overnight case, so no need to throw my name in. HOWEVER, I LOVE DECLUTTERING and accepted the challenge:
* 5 tubes glitter glue to give to preschool
* staples to give to preschool
* expired coupons
* people's business cards that I have no reason to keep
* school flyers given out at beginning of year w/out necessary info
*blank get well card that is missing an envelope, looking gamey & if sent to someone would make them sick
* paperback I think my neighbor will like and I won't re-read
* two YA novels picked up on vacation to give to school library
* the old baby einstein VHS tapes that skip and blur; even if we have another kid these would not contribute to learning, only poor eyesight
* two three ring binders I've been keeping since last big declutter but never used, thus they can go
* culled old catalogs and magazines from the reading basket

THANK YOU JUNK PYRAMID! I feel so fresh and so clean.

Magpie said...

I turned three t-shirts into baby hats and a quilt - does that count?

Stimey said...

Jessica, you absolutely rock!

Magpie, yes! Because it's even better if you don't just throw your things in a landfill. Way to repurpose!

*m* said...

Couldn't resist taking a swing at this, though I was greatly distracted by pre-holiday prep and an under-the-weather child. But I went through my candle drawer and a liquor/glassware cabinet and discarded the following:

~2 tall candles that are so faded that I can't tell what color they were originally;
~2 lumpy candles, unable to stand upright and too fat for any candle holder, hand-dipped by my sons at their campout (Shhhhh! Yes, I am going to hell);
~a little jar that I thought I should save to use for SOMETHING someday;
~an extra vase that I will drop off at the florist's;
~an airplane-sized bottle of rum from God knows who and when;
~a ratty 69 cent paperback bartending recipe book that I have had since college (and not referred to since then);
~a broken humidifier;
~8 magazines that we dropped off at a friend's.

I also found 2 sets of four napkin rings, unused, given to me by my dear sister-in-law. Not sure what to do with these. I mean, she's met my family. Does she really think the four of us would use these? And/or cloth napkins? Is a gift like this some kind of a hint?

Anyway, thanks as always for the inspiration.

Stimey said...

M, awesome! I always feel bad when I throw away my kids' art, but you have to do it.

Can you re-gift the napkin rings?

Friend H said...

I already have my awesome Stimeyland tag but I thought I would share what I threw out or donated while cleaning my house for the imminent arrival of the inlaws:
- all of my maternity clothes
- sitz bath from baby delivery #1
- 1 wing from a fairy costume, other wing is nowhere to be found
- 4 art projects my kid made when she was 2 (who needs a rock painted green?)
- 2 empty shoe boxes
- annoying blinking train light thing
- old curtains
- a big pile of sudoku puzzles cut out from the newspaper that I will never have time to do
- really old hair gel

Stimey said...

H, nicely done. I love finding things like the six-year-old sitz bath.

I wonder where the other wing is?

Anonymous said...

Dude. I got inspired/frustrated this week and got rid of (drumroll, please)...

FOUR garbage bags full of plastic toys.

That's right.

Fisher Price no longer owns my playroom.


By the way, people, you really want to win the luggage tag! When WhyDaddy went to California last week, he was stressed, tired, and hungry after a long, full flight. But when he saw his black suitcase come sailing down the belt, he had so smile. Cause it was mine. With a Stimeyland luggage tag.

He called me right away. :-)