Monday, November 3, 2008

I Refuse to RE-Clutter!

When we Alex painted our TV room, we he changed the outlet covers, ceiling lamps, and door knobs.

Pre-Pyramid Stimey would have kept the old doorknobs under the assumption that even though we Alex took them down because he we didn't like them, they would come in handy some day.

Current Stimey knows that is untrue. Current Stimey is putting them in her donation box. Current Stimey has three fewer baggies full of old hardware than she did before.


Thrift Store Mama said...

I hadn't even thought about decluttering the work room area in the basement. I'll bet I have 75 baggies of screws, locks, keys, and other stuff down there. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a "Habitat for Humanity" donation center? We have one here that would use your items.


AwwwTrouble said...

I seriously think we may be related in some form or fashion.

Just wait til I tackle my cassette tapes. I'm not ready for that yet, though.

Abbysmom said...

Now I found your blogs! This is a great idea. We are cleaning out since the girls left, and I think the house weighs less already. I am going to start my own count. Mark listens to his old cassettes in the garage - they soon die and get tossed.