Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Making Room

Every year (and by that, I mean this year and last year), I try to get rid of some of our current toy clutter to make room for new and better items that we'll acquire over the holiday season.

I did some work in our playroom the other day, to make room for the Lego table I'm making Jack for Christmas. There were a lot of little items in that room that I was able to purge.

Above you see 48 cars, 2 bouncy balls, 3 pez dispensers, 1 plastic train (five years old!), 1 puzzle with a missing piece, 1 set of train signs, 4 little bags, 6 items of random detritus, and one stuffed fish.

I am also getting rid of this train, which has 23 out of 26 letters intact. I thought Quinn would adore this when I got it for him last year. He loved trains, but he was afraid of trains with faces. So I bought this for him, and he immediately forgot about his fear of trains with faces and started asking for obscure Thomas the Tank Engine characters. (Diesel 10, anyone?)

I'm hoping that it will find a good home.

Total items: 68


Also, winners of the National Decluttering Day challenge are everyone who decluttered who doesn't already have a tag. Congratulations, to *m* and De in DC! Email me your address at stimeyland at gmail dot com, and I'll send you your tag. Magpie, do you already have a tag? If not, email me your address too! Congrats!


Threeundertwo said...

Ok, I'm the worst at getting rid of old Hot Wheels. I'm sure I care about them more than my son does.

Happy Thanksgiving!

BetteJo said...

Wooly Willy????? WOOLY WILLY???? He looks MINT!! Wow. You're brave to let THAT go.

Abbysmom said...

My husband is 50 and still has his Hot Wheels DISPLAYED IN OUR BEDROOM. Get rid of them while you can.

ShallowGal said...

Which letters are missing in the train? xoxo, SG

Magpie said...

Dearest, I already have a tag! But thank you.