Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Beautiful New TV Room

I have not been decluttering lately. I hope to change that in the next couple of months. One of the reasons I haven't decluttered in the last week or so was that I was out of town. Another reason is because I am lazy. But the biggest reason is because Alex was engaged in a big home improvement project and everything has been in such disarray that I haven't been able to think about organization.

But it was worth it.

We have a room that we use as a TV room/office/computer room. Over the past couple of weeks Alex painted it red. Red Jalapeño, to be exact. If you want to have heart palpitations at a paint store, order yourself some Red Jalapeño paint.

It took us two tries to get ours. Alex chickened out at the last second on our first attempt, and we came home with a perfectly cromulent brown paint, but one that was just not right for our room. He'd already started painting when we realized that we needed the room to be red.

I'm so glad we made that decision. The room is all beautiful and cozy now. The following photos show the room from its entry hallway and then proceeding counter-clockwise around the room. (Don't worry. I'm getting to the decluttering. Eventually.)

Isn't it pretty?

And red?

In fact, after Alex had painted the first coat, Sam walked in and said, "It's like the inside of a volcano."

So yeah, it's pretty red. But it's soooooo cozy.

And when we brought everything back into the room and reorganized, I got rid of a few things:

What you see there are three black pillows that rarely got used, and just ended up on the floor all the time. You also see a pair of slippers that were awesome ten months ago, but that are now kind of gross and dirty. There's also a mostly used notebook that has apparently been living under my desk for the past three years. I'm also donating some little thingy that has something to do with an Xbox. My neighbor won it, but doesn't have an Xbox, so she gave it to us. And I don't know what it does, so I'm hoping it will end up with someone who does.

All of which is a long way to say that I'm getting rid of 6 items.


BetteJo said...

Oh I LOVE the color! You're right, it does make the room cozy. I rent and don't get to paint all kinds of cool colors and I am always impressed when people take the chance at being bold - and make it work. Very cool. I mean warm. Oh - you know what I mean. :)

Elizabeth Channel said...

I've got those same slippers...mine used to be they are grisly.

The color is lovely however...quite cozy!

Whirlwind said...

I LOVE the color. It looks orange to me though. We have a red bedroom and an orange playroom (so yes, we love color).

m said...

Great looking room -- it'll be a nice place to hunker down and watch videos when the weather turns cold. Nice color choice!

Kelly said...

I love the color! It looks awesome!

Niksmom said...

I love it! Aren't you glad you didn't chicken out? THis rocks!

Anonymous said...

The room looks fantastic! Great job, Alex and Stimey! YM

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Love the color!!! Glad you went bold!

Threeundertwo said...

It's gorgeous, and very very brave! Well worth the plunge.

Anonymous said...

So, I don't even have to walk the three hundred yards to your house! I can just see it on the internet!
neighbor L