Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Spoils of the Closet

Now that you know the story of my closet decluttering yesterday, it's time to show you what I was able to get rid of.

I didn't include things that were obviously just trash and recyclables. You can thank me later.

The things taking up the most space in my Secret Closet (and, yes, that is how my entire family refers to it) were these two waterproof sheets that used to live on Sam and Jack's beds, and seven kind of nasty pillows.


Next up is a fun batch of stuff that includes a wrapping paper organizer I tried to use before I figured out that a stand-up plastic container is the way to go. Also included are an old backpack, an old diaper bag, and some sort of stray strap.

There were lots of odds and ends from old art projects, such as a bag of cotton batting, some pieces of felt, professional acrylic gesso (I don't even know what this is), and a left-over wooden piece from when I made seldom-used beds for Sam and Jack's teddy bears.

There were also a number of plastic bags that used to house various books or toys and I felt that I should keep because they would undoubtedly be useful some day. And here they are, being useful today by upping my item count on The Junk Pyramid.

I'm such an idiot.

I'm also getting rid of a play-doh toy in the shape of a McDonald's. Someone gave that to Sam for his third birthday. I immediately hated it, but he loved it. When he lost interest in it, I moved it upstairs to the closet. I have no idea why I didn't just trash it then. Remember, I'm in recovery.

Here's my next batch:

I tend to buy craft kits around Christmas time for my kids to do. Then I'm left with 22 extra craft kits. So I store them upstairs. I'm going to donate them. There are a couple little cloth bags that my kids and I decorated, a couple of old crafty things, and three (!) splat mats to put under my kids while they painted. Let me repeat: three.

Next up was this batch:

More baby monitor parts. How many of these did I have? Also in the electronics department are a pile of cords, an old remote control, and a clock.

I had still more crafts, although Sam saw me trying to get rid of the most annoying craft of all, a box of recycled packing peanuts, and wouldn't let me get rid of it. I may have an eagle eye for clutter, but he has an eagle eye for my furtive decluttering activities.

Also, because I found so many extra gift tags in my gift wrap organization yesterday, I got rid of these non-adhesive tags. Somebody else can tape these to presents.

The last thing I had to get rid of was a Ziploc bag full of magnets.

At some point a couple years ago, I took most of our magnets off of our fridge. It's amazing what a difference that can make in the way your kitchen looks.

At the time, I wasn't prepared to get rid of the magnets. And God knows why because there are very few interesting magnets up there. I ended up only keeping one magnet that I found:

And that's because he was my boss ten years ago and I'm still a little bit afraid of him. I couldn't possibly put him in the trash.

I sorted through all of this, to put some in the trash, some in the recycling bin, and a lot in my donation bin.

Total items for National Decluttering Day? 90

Not bad for a day's work.

Also, kudos to all of you for your excellent decluttering work yesterday. Keep at it today and leave me a comment on Friday's post to be in the running for your very own Stimeyland luggage tag!


*m* said...

Impressive haul!

As for the styrofoam peanuts--which I too loathe--I read this great tip somewhere and use it. Save the plastic sleeves from your newpaper bags, fill them with the peanuts and knot them at the top. Then you can use them as packing material, but they are SO much less messy and annoying to use and to store. And the recepient of your packages will thank you for not inflicting the loose peanuts on them.

BetteJo said...

Magnets! Argh-h-h-h!! I have magnets on my fridge and I know I recently ran into a box of magnets that I had previously removed from my fridge - I think I have a problem. Know of any 12-step programs for magnet abuse?

Whirlwind said...

Magnets - arggh! The girls just found my stash of magnets and now every single six hundred thousand of them now lives on my refrigerator again. I have to start sneaking them off again!

Threeundertwo said...

I have a bag of magnets too. When we remodeled our kitchen I got the wood panel fridge doors so they would be magnet-free.

You know, if you did a weekly declutter challenge, with a Mr. Linky, I bet a bunch of us would join in. I would. Maybe on Sundays to show what we got done on Saturday.

ShallowGal said...

Dude, I save the magnets and use a glue stick to attach my kids school pictures as presents for the grandparents.

I also use them to stick to bumper stickers I don't want to keep on my car forever.

xoxo, SG

KAL said...

I have a bag of magnets on TOP of the fridge. What does one do with unwanted magnets?

You are my decluttering hero, by the way. Ever since we've moved back in to our house, I've been a little bit crazy trying to tackle all the "stuff" we have.


Magpie said...

Oh, the pillows. My sister and I have been known to slash old feather pillows open, and then go for a ride in the car car, loosing feathers along the way. At night, while tipsy.

I should write a whole blog post about the confusion we caused in some neighbors...