Friday, December 12, 2008

My Kids Would Kill Me

While sitting around chatting with a friend today, I looked around my tragically cluttered basement.

"This has to be my next project," I thought to myself.

No time like the present, right? I decided that because all of our board games live in the basement, but don't get used down there, I should move them to our upstairs playroom. Of course, that involves freeing up some space in the playroom.

So I decided to get rid of this train set:

This was a tough decision. It is only a year old. Quinn, when he remembers about it, thinks it's really cool. But I don't think the battery powered parts even work anymore, and pieces are broken, making it difficult to get it to work, even by pushing it around the track.

And he doesn't really remember about it very often.

I'm also getting rid of a Blues Clues Memory game and a couple of pieces we don't use from a game.

Here is the other thing I snuck out of the house:

I hate these. My kids loved them and played with them for a long time, but they seem to have finally forgotten about them. Occasionally someone will fling all the pieces all over the basement and then I will have to re-stack them. They's gotta go.

I have a charity coming to pick these (and more) items up on December 29. If my kids ask about these before then, I'll return them. I'm not heartless, after all. But if they don't, some other kid will be very happy.

Total items: I'll go with the conservative number of 4.


Anonymous said...

Do not return them. Your children can't even think of something they want for Christmas. They will be fine. I am heartless.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

We have that train. TWO sets of it, actually. And they BOTH broke. I hang onto them thinking that my engineer husband will figure out what's wrong and fix them, but really... that will never happen. And so, I bought yet a THIRD train (at Linens and Things - going out of business!) that is a real brand name. I'm hoping this one will last for more than one Christmas and therefor they won't notice I threw out the broken ones.

And those foam letter squares - are OF SATAN. Good riddance!

I threw away our portable/training potty today! I was going to take a picture for you, I had to get it in the can before the 3 year old saw me.

And BTW - 4 is WAY conservative!

*m* said...

Those are quality purge items. Major space suckers, and a pain in the butt to store. Santa is watching you, and approves heartily.

Anonymous said...

We also had the foam letters...I hated them!! You should get extra credit for them.


Ange said...

OK, I think I am going to cry. The letter squares? I think that was the first post I read about Jack. You know which one I'm talking about? Is it bad if I am attached to YOUR clutter? Sigh.

Thrift Store Mama said...

If nobody else has asked yet I would LOVE to have the foam squares. I've been collecting them for about a year from VV because as soon as I get the basement de-cluttered (which will be by the end of January I'm going to put the foam squares down on top of old rugs. My plan was to put tape on the back of the foam squares to keep the letters/numbers in.