Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Google Thinks I Decluttered This Year

Because I've been so busy decluttering (ha!), I haven't had time to think of a thoughtful way to sum up what's happened here at the Junk Pyramid this year. So I've decided to follow along with Stimeyland and let Google take care of summing up for me. Google search terms are in bold.

But first: I do know that I have decluttered 2,525 items. That's more than 2,500 items that are no longer in my house or garage. I'm pretty proud of that. And after 280 days at six items a day, my goal for today would have been 1,680. So even though I've taken some days off here and there, I'm still doing pretty darn good on my goal.

So what is it that Google thinks I wrote about this year?


Way back in April I wrote about my love affair with my water bottles and how I was going to get rid of them. I specifically mentioned my Eddie Bauer water bottle and the response I got from them when I emailed to ask them about the BPA in it. Without question, this was the most viewed page on the Junk Pyramid this year. I got every possible permutation of search about these bottles that you can imagine, from eddie bauer water bottles bpa to eddie bauer bottel thing inside (and how they correctly spelled "bauer" but misspelled "bottel" I'll never know) to deadly water bottles to EDDIE BAUER WATER BOTTLES TOXIC TOXICITY. So, if you're wondering are eddie bauer water bottles bad for you? I would say that the ones with BPA in them are. Toss 'em out.

Then there were the people who took the name of this blog a little too literally. For instance, pyramid making for card board, how to make a pyramid out of play doh and put things in pyramid, plus put information into a pyramid. My personal favorite of these was size of a cardboard pyramid. Because we all know that cardboard pyramids only come in one size.

Then there was the enigmatic pyramid and socks. Although I did write about socks.

Someone was looking for the pyramid 5 pieces. There's something terrible out there known to at least one person as peer pressure pyramid. I had a weirdly large number of people searching for household items shaped like a pyramid.

And there were the people looking for pyramid shaped or Pyramid brand objects such as tupperware pyramid, pyramid knife sharpeners and 9 guitar pyramid stand that got screwed by being sent to my blog.

Have you noticed that if you say (or write) the word "pyramid" too many times it not only loses all meaning, but starts to look really weird?

I did like this query: what are some things that were put in the pyramid? I'm glad you asked.

There were can of tomatoes expired, carpet squares for boys, expired water chestnuts, and don't forget my experiment with expired top ramen.

I'm always happy to answer Google's questions. And people out there have some good ones:

i have a bunch of junk on my floor how to i organize it? I suggest shelves. And containers. And trash bags.

ball pit define It's a play enclosure for kids that is full of small, light balls.

Is flour Sugar salt or pepper a living thing No.

is it bad to eat pasta for dinner? I guess it is if you don't like pasta.

where to throw our skip junk I don't know what "skip junk" is. Some expert I am.

what if you eat expired ramen? It will taste really bad.

How can I make lots of words from one Words are made up of smaller units known as letters. These letters can be rearranged to create new and/or smaller words.

log number feline advantage expire? Just don't try to give it away because people won't take it and they'll call you a freak.

A PLACE WHERE I CAN GO THROW ALL MY JUNK Keep walking, friend. Don't throw it here. (Check out this fabulous place known as "the dump.")

how do I purge my junk? Read The Junk Pyramid!

should I save book jackets? No.

who decides what is a great book? You do. But I can give you tips on how to decide what books to keep.

should I throw away all of my old cassettes The internet says yes.

what do you do with your kids school stuff? I'm glad you asked.

how do you make a easy kids empty big paper pyramid? What was the question again?

Then there are the Google searches that are just bizarre, or I don't know how they brought people here, or I'm flattered by the search term, or they make me laugh hysterically. Here I pay homage.

lost lady mojo Is the lady lost or the mojo?

stimey tomato There were 131 results for this. And I wasn't the first one. Weird.

totally free junk no one wants Stick around. I think I'll be able to help you.

"I felt his toes" shoe fit Okaaaay.

i lost my mojo I was proud to be the tenth search result on this. Don't worry, I found my mojo again.

Boy-House And how!

"you're wearing diapers" —like Is this some weird fetish thing?

amvets candy They have candy? They just give me tax deduction receipts.

awesome red pants They were awesome.

dirty tampons for sale Ewwww. Just...ewwwww.

swag pounds 68.

Possibly my favorite search:
ecclectic fences Because aren't you tired of ordinary fences?

Then there was this highly descriptive (and accurate) search:
decluttering hoarding blogging site:

Have a Safe and Happy New Year. Now get back to decluttering.


Whirlwind said...

Isn't sugar, salt and pepper, technically a living thing, or at least, was a living things?

And pasta could, technically be a bad thing to eat if say you were on a carb fee diet or if you had ciliac (sp?) disease.

Kudos to you for keeping this up - I just toss my junk, I stopped writing about it :P

BetteJo said...

I will never understand how some of the searches I see, bring people to my blog(s)! Sometimes they are bizarre. Number one is "Sticky Sticky Stumbo." Now it will bring people here too.
Sticky Sticky Stumbo rules! Oh. Sorry. :)
Happy New Year!

Manic Mommy said...

Dear Ask Stimey:

Do you subscribe to a service that allows you to easily see the google searches that got people to your site? I have site meter (the free version) but am willing to pay to step it up a notch and get more data. I love data.


Manic Mommy

Threeundertwo said...

So funny. I love looking at the funny things that send people to my blog, but you have some really crazy ones! Happy New Year.