Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Children's Art Supplies

I think I may have decluttered these areas last year, but it needed to happen again.

I have two cabinets where I keep art supplies for my kids to use. I forgot to take a before photo of one of the cabinets, but here is the before photo of the other one. I couldn't open the cabinet door all the way to take the photo because the door was holding the stuff in.

Doesn't it totally look like it would be easy to find things in there? Most of what I did in this cabinet was consolidate and organize, although I did manage to get rid of some stuff.

Guess which item I'm most excited about getting rid of?

It's those horrible Magic Noodles. I tried to get rid of them a while back, but Sam caught me and made me put them back. This time I did it while he was at school. I don't feel even a little bit bad about it either. I hate them that much. The other stuff is sort of run of the mill.

I got more stuff out of the cabinet I forgot to take the before photo of. Although in this picture there is also a stack of coloring pages I kept in a drawer. I don't think my kids even knew they were there. At some point, keeping them just got ridiculous. I mean, really, if Jack's teachers can't get him to color his school work, why should I torture him with recreational coloring at home?

Most of the things in that pile were dried out art supplies, or bits of craft projects, or some leftover craft projects that we had extras of after my kids did them. I'm able to donate a few things, but most of it ended up in the recycling or trash bin.

I did do something really, really smart though. Sam badly wanted the bead set that came in the box pictured below a couple of years ago, so I gave it to him for Christmas. Of course, the beads in that box took up a tiny amount of space, but the box took up a giant amount of space. And somehow, it took me two years to figure out that I should put the beads in a different container. That's what the yellow box is.

And that box is still waaaaaaaay too big for the beads.

My helper and I did stop to make a necklace though.

Now I give you the after photo:

After consolidating and reorganizing, I even had extra bins and boxes to use another time in another place.

And even if you didn't see the before, I think you'll appreciate my after photo of the other cabinet:

There's a big difference there, people.

Total items: 65 (ish)


Abbysmom said...

Awesome art cabinets! Kids in college and I am still decluttering the craft materials. I am rediculously proud of the box of Christmas clutter I have ready to donate, following your suggestions. This is a liberating process.

Kelly said...'s sad how a nicely organized cabinet can bring a tear to your eye. :)

I organized our art cabinet during the summer and now it's a mess again. Apparently no one else in this house appreciates everything having it's place.

*m* said...

Oooooh...beautiful. Thanks for the vicarious thrill.

I am trying to work up the courage to deep-six the Shrinky Dinks maker. We had so much fun with it, but I think it needs to go the way of the buffalo.

Manic Mommy said...

I'm cleaning out an unused overstuffed cabinet right now. So far, I have an entire white trash bag full of old mail and other outdated paper.

You remain my inspiration!

Heather said...

I need to conquer our art supplies area too. It used to be one shelf in the laundry room and then it spread to two shelves and the floor. You can't find anything because it is a big heap. Something needs to be done.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Looks amazing! I was thinking of throwing out ALL my kids art supplies and starting over. Except I know I'll never actually do that. Which is how I got into the situation I'm in in the first place!

BetteJo said...

I would SO have put those magic noodles in the sink and turned on the water! Do they really melt? COOL!

Anonymous said...

Please Please Please come do my Art cabinet. I keep trying and failing.
I need you.

Ange said...

wow. i went container shoping this week already to do the same thing. i am such a container whore. and i wonder why my son is a hoarder. hmmmm...