Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Exploding Bread Box

I need a little help with this area of my kitchen:

And its associated cabinet:

See, just to the right of that bread box is the counter where I do most of my cooking, chopping, measuring, and the like. It is also where I make lunches for my little dudes. It is a good spot to make lunches because the refrigerator is just a bit farther to the right, and everything I use for lunches is in one spot. Except to get knives to spread peanut butter, or a spoon to mix chocolate milk, I can stand in one spot and get everything I need.

Unfortunately, that has resulted in a cluttered little area. Clearly the bread situation at the time of the photo was at a high. We usually don't have hamburger buns, but I'm making sloppy joes this week. Also, for some reason, at the time of this photo, the bread box itself was practically empty. Way to put away the groceries, Alex!

I needed these spots to be easier to access, so I needed more room in the cabinet. There were things in the cabinet that need to be in a cabinet in the kitchen, but not necessarily in this cabinet. I moved our wine opening items from the top shelf of this cabinet to the top shelf of a different cabinet.

And I got rid of these:

I have a better first aid kit in the kitchen, so I don't need this. I found another toxic water bottle. (From Eddie Bauer, just like the last one.) And I found three stove knob child protective devices.

Interestingly, none of my kids had ever noticed the stove knobs until I put these covers on them. Suddenly there were devices! That needed to be opened! So now the kids played with the knobs, but they were devastatingly hard for me to open when I actually wanted to cook, so I left them on, but open much of the time. So the covers basically turned the stove knobs into kid-attracting danger zones.

That explains why they are no longer on the stove. Don't ask me why they were still in my cabinet.

So after I got rid of those items, and moved some other items to a new cabinet, I redistributed what was left. I gave our stack of towels their own shelf and put hamburger and hot dog buns on a shelf with some measuring cups.

The most important things stayed on the bottom shelf: peanut butter, honey, chocolate milk mix, straws, and Miralax for Quinn.

Hopefully this will make it easier for me to lazily stand in one place and create peanut butter and honey magic.

And hopefully the bread box area will continue to look like this:

Total items: 5


Jone Victoria said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I love your writing. Throw away the breadbox, and put your bread in a drawer. The hanging banana thingy, just seems wrong somehow, like hangman for fruit; that could go too. I'm no expert at junk, just old, so I've had more years to collect and ditch. It's an artform and you are doing a terrific service. Thanks!

Innocent Observer said...

I'd like to know what you did with the toxic bottle when it left your kitchen. I just put out a huge bag of them and I'm torn between donating them to poison other people, or trashing them to poison the landfills. What to do?

Word Verification Word of the Day: deloid

Threeundertwo said...

I put my bread in a drawer too. Works great.

You did a great cleanup of that area!

Thrift Store Mama said...

Oh yes - the Miralax must always be in a convenient place. Both girls are on it.

Justice Fergie said...

So funny. I'm afraid I am beyond help - my bread box items have gotten so out of control that I now have an additional "bread platter" full of random things (tortillas, dried pasta...)HELP!