Monday, January 26, 2009

More Cabinet Work

After all the work I've done in my kitchen in the last few days, I looked around and noticed the only two cabinets that I haven't decluttered since starting this whole thing nearly a year ago. It turns out that those two cabinets were fairly innocuous as far as junk goes.

This is all I found to get rid of in the first cabinet:

In case you can't tell, that's an old bag that I've been saving for at least a year and a half. Don't ask me why. The other thing is a wooden block that you screw an apple corer/peeler onto. The peeler it went with broke and we have a new one that doesn't need the block. Don't ask me whay we still have it. But now we don't.

The next cabinet kind of killed me. I found these plastic trays and a placemat that we don't use anymore. But look how cute they are. I love them, but we never use them anymore. It's entirely possible that I'll reclaim the bigger trays from my donation box before my next donation.

Aren't they cute? If I do save them—and every second I see this photo, I'm more inclined to—I'll take them off of my count.

Total items (for now): 8

Edited to add: Okay, I'm taking the trays back. I just can't get rid of them. And you seem to agree with me. Total items: -3


Anonymous said...

Those trays are very cute. At the risk of sabotaging your efforts, you might want to take the trays back... Your boys would still enjoy using them right? Maybe, if you don't use them in the next two months, then you get rid of them.


BetteJo said...

They ARE cute. And I am all for dividing up the food. Only as an adult can I let things touch. A little.

Anonymous said...

Adorable trays. I would use them to dump finger paint into; use them for modeling clay; or use under plants to catch excess water; or press flowers using cut up paper grocery bags between layers then put big books on top to squash. Just an idea.