Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo Albums

Much of what I do here at The Junk Pyramid is part of an effort to, if not get rid of things entirely, then at least to get them behind doors and out of sight. My latest project had me doing the exact opposite.

See, I have this weird little room/stairway landing/space that served as Quinn's room for a year that has a great feature—this fabulous room-length cedar chest:

It is a wonderful place to store things like extra towels, extra sheets and comforters, and pillows. Unfortunately I also use it to store my board games and my photo albums. I'll deal with the games another time.

My photo albums, for obvious reasons, are difficult to access.

Because they are so difficult to access, I never look at them. Occasionally I will be looking for a particular photo or a photo from a particular era, and I have to drag out all the albums on top and dig through the ones underneath.

It's a poorly designed system.

I decided that my decluttering efforts aren't just about getting rid of things, but making my house more livable. One way to make my house more livable is to put things I love where I can get them. And I love my photographs.

Can you tell?

I'm only 35 by the way. Can you imagine how many there will be when I'm 75? Unless I'm killed in a freak accident where a pile of photo albums falls on me.

I may need a new bookshelf.

Oh, and did you see Sam's beautiful artwork on the wall behind the shelf? Pretty, huh?

Obviously I didn't get rid of any photo albums. Except for this one, that reqires you use photo corners to put the pictures in. Chances of me doing that are slim to none.

Total items: one photo album and one package of photo corners


*m* said...

I have a lot of albums too--scrapbooks, actually--and the kids love 'em as much as I do.

Forgive me if I've already mentioned this: but someone who learned the hard way advised me to always keep my negatives (and now, backups of digital photos) in a location other than home. She had lost every photo AND negative in a fire. I've never forgotten this advice, and I give my mom an envelope of my backups to store (in a fireproof box) every year.

You are so right about making a space more liveable. Decluttering alone is not enough. I struggle with this too. Gotta enjoy the good stuff once we purge the lame stuff!

Manic Mommy said...

I absolutely view this as a positive. If there's an easy way to return it to its proper place, it will probably happen. If not, it ends up in the "to be filed" pile.

BetteJo said...

Your house has some cool stuff - I like the nooks and crannies!