Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plastic Cups and Extra Dishes

The other day Alex started freaking out and demanded that these cups leave our house immediately. We have used them as giant water cups in the past, but haven't done so for a while.

I could barely delay him long enough to take a photo.

(It's a little embarrassing that I take all these photos, huh? Oh well.)

Inspired by the extra space in the cabinet, I looked around for some other dishes we don't use or that are mismatched. I found these:

Total items: 19


Whirlwind said...

OMG - we the same big cups. I'd love to toss them, but I think my husband would kiiiiillllllll me!

BetteJo said...

OMG, my son drinks Slurpees every day. And they have plastic cups with whatever is popular at the moment on them. Spiderman, stuff like that. He drinks his Slurpee and then puts the cup in the sink which means I of course, wash it. We must have more than 20 of them. I'm thinking of gathering them up and bringing them to work and leaving them in the lunch room. There's always somebody who wants something just because it's free!