Saturday, January 17, 2009

Useful Clutter?

I didn't feel right getting rid of these CD/DVD spindles because I felt that there would come a day when I would need to give someone 50-100 DVDs all stacked up.

That day has not come.

Because almost every DVD I produce goes out in a DVD case, once they're off the spindle, the spindle is no longer of any use. I am finally going to acknowledge this.

Total items: 3


BetteJo said...

3 less things to gather dust as well. :)

Neo.soul said...

I didn't think I would have use for them but I actually found the spindles better to keep my movie collections in.

I had the dvd organizer but every time I had to add a movie that I got as a gift or bought, when I alphabetized, I had to do too much rearranging to keep the organizer in alphabetical order.

With the spindle, the movies are easy to slip on and off, making them a snap to use.