Friday, February 20, 2009

Bedroom Detritus

Remember yesterday when I told you that I was showing you a photo of my last craft cabinet? Ha, ha, just kidding. Although technically this is Sam's craft cabinet:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what I use my kids' closet for. Very practical use of space, huh?

I was all excited by the crayon-wrapper cleanup I posted about yesterday, so I did the same thing for this area. This is most decidedly the "after" photo by the way. I was too humiliated to post a before photo.

These are some of things I pulled out of this closet (and from under the bed and under the dresser and behind the hamper...) to discard:

I amused myself by pretending that this little fireman was in charge.

He helped me get rid of all of this stuff:

Not all of this was from the closet. Much of it was from my guys' shelves which are supposed to only hold books and clothes. What you see here is perhaps the very definition of "detritus"—at least that second photo is.

The first photo also holds book jackets, some old coloring books, a clock that doesn't work, and some broken things. The dart board I got rid of because the tiny magnets started falling out of the darts and because Jack tends to put small pieces of metal in his mouth, I thought they might be a bad idea to keep around.

(At this point I would like to take a moment to apologize to my friend C in MT, for whose son I bought this same dartboard for Christmas. If he doesn't eat magnets, the dartboard probably won't kill him. But, you know, be aware. Jeez. I'm so sorry.)

I also managed to get rid of a waterproof crib sheet.

Total items: I'm going to call this 30.

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Anonymous said...

The magnets are holding strong. No worries!!