Saturday, February 7, 2009

Guess Who Doesn't Have Tiny Kids Anymore?

I'm a little horrified by how dirty this is in the photo. I'm passing it on to a friend and told her it would need to be washed, but I had no idea it needs this much washing. I'm slightly (and by "slightly" I mean "hugely") embarrassed now.

But even dirty items count as items.

In other news, Quinn is delighted with his big boy booster seat.


Carrie said...

omg my Marathon looks that dirty too!! I was just commenting on how my friend's car seat looked brand new, even tho her oldest used it for 3 years, and how mine was disgusting. Granted my 5 year old wipes his boogers on his seat so that could be a contributing factor.

Anonymous said...

Dude ... he's 40 pounds?

We've been lapped.

ShallowGal said...

Just remember to check the manufacturer date on car seats. They shouldn't be used once they're more than 5 years old (6 for Britax, I think)

Hey Susan: you and me both. Eli (2/05) and his bony 29# tush will be in a 5point harness at least another year!

xoxo, SG