Thursday, February 26, 2009

Printer Ink Recycling

Don't know what to do with your used ink cartridges? You can check my Resources for Decluttering page for some ideas, or you can read this post by Tech Savvy Mama.

I read it literally minutes after I had changed out my printer's cartridge and had made a note to go to Staples for more.

Although come to think of it, I don't think they gave me a coupon when I turned it in. Nor do I think they took any money off of my ink purchase. I'll have to check my receipt. But at least I don't think they chucked it in the garbage, as I would have.

Cut me some slack, people. Quinn was taking up most of my attention during this purchase.

Anyway, there are lots of ways to recycle ink, if you're not a moron like me. Look into 'em.

(This doesn't actually count as an item because it is a consumable.)


Tech Savvy Mama said...

Wow, thanks for the fabulous link love and constantly inspiring me to declutter! Come to think of it, I am going to clean off my desk right now! :)

whymommy said...

Re: Staples, you have to join their program, give them your card when you return an ink cartridge ... then they send you coupons in the mail every month or quarter, if you've recycled 4 that period. . . but the checks are big, so it's so worth it.

Anonymous said...

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