Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weeding Through Children's Books

Since I first gave birth to Sam, and probably even before, I've been collecting children's books. My theory was, "It's always okay to get more books, right?" It never seemed like it would be a bad idea to buy my kids books.

But seven years later, it's a bad thing. I don't just buy books willy-nilly anymore because we have so damn many that most of them go unread. When the probability that my kids will happen upon and read any given book is so close to zero, it is time to thin the ranks.

Seriously, if there are 35 books shoved into a shelf, they are never going to find and love one in particular.

I recently went through my kids' bookshelves and weeded out books that are too young for them, that they were never really interested in, that are damaged, or that just don't make the cut for whatever reason.

I took 105 books out of their shelves and they have yet to notice.

I repeat: We have so many books that I removed one hundred and five books from their shelves and they cannot tell the difference.

Here is the box of books:

That's a big box of books.

Some of the books are in bags because I'm going to attempt to sell some of them in lots on Craigslist. The rest will just be donated either to my local library or to Purple Heart.

Total items: 105 (!)


Smiling Mama said...

Wow! That is a lot of books!

Stephanie S. said...

Hey, you could get rid of your books and get new ones on! (but this is only a good idea if you WANT more books. this may be a crime against decluttering, I'm not sure). You could stick 10 kid books up there, and then get books for YOU! Just a thought.

Abbysmom said...

I have a plastic tub in the basement where I save the classic books and favorites for my future grandchildren. This is hopefully a long way off (if ever), but I am ready to read!