Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yep. That's Me Giving Away Syringes on Freecycle.

When my cat had her recent Expensive Dental Surgery, the vet gave me her pain medication already measured out in tiny little syringes. After hunting her down eight times and squirting it down her throat, I had eight tiny empty syringes.

Having previously decided to stop hoarding used syringes, I decided to get rid of them. Especially considering their capacity was 1.0 mL, which, if I haven't mentioned it, is tiny.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out Freecycle. I posted that I had some used syringes to give away (no needles, thank you!) and within an hour and a half they were sitting on my porch in a plastic bag waiting for pickup.

I did get an email that said, "you should really just throw those away - not appropriate for reuse," but I chose to ignore that.

I may have committed a felony here, what with the transfer of medical waste and all, but I have eight fewer items in my home.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

As the Seasons Change, So Must the Closet

Last week my kids wore their parkas to school. This weekend it was 95 degrees. I'm guessing that summer is here. I would rue the lack of spring, but I'm just relieved to not have to deal with coats and hats and gloves anymore.

Because my closets aren't big enough for clothes of all seasons, I have to switch them out when the seasons change. And this time, the timing of the coming of summer couldn't be better. I opened our coat/cleaning supplies closet the other day only to have bins of towels and swim suits fall on me.

Plus, the wicker chest in which we keep our hats, gloves, and assorted winter warming gear was a tad unruly.

So I went through each of these spaces and packed up the winter gear and made the summer gear accessible. My closet is better, but that closet is a regular pain in my ass, so I don't care too much about how it's better.

What I'm really proud of is my wicker chest. I organized to make everything available and easy to access.

That pink and white bag is my Waiting Room Bag, i.e. the bag that holds homework supplies and hand held video games for when my kids have to sit and be quiet. Which is surprisingly often.

The pink bin holds sunscreen, sun hats, band aids, and mosquito repellent. I should mention that this chest sits close to our back door, near where we play in our splash pool, and our side door, near where we ride bikes in the driveway. Having it this available will be handy.

Also? Don't let me buy any more mosquito repellent. I appear to have quite a supply.

The clear box in the pink bin holds purse-type items that I sometimes switch from purse to purse. The idea is that if I take a smaller purse, I'll put the extra stuff in that box. Then if I take a larger purse, I can easily find my extra stuff if I want it.

On the left is a stack of purses and bags. This way they are all in one place. Inside that blue bag on the top are 9 cotton tote bags. I obviously have a problem, but I'm not ready to address it right now.

This is what I'm getting rid of:

Except I'll probably keep Quinn.

What you see there are a bunch of diapers and swim diapers I found in our old swim bag. Quinn was almost offended by their existence. I think he was afraid we were going to try to stuff him back in there.

Other than that, I have a couple nearly empty bottles that I've been storing for a year, a purse I bought in Costa Rica, but don't use anymore, and a couple little bottom-of-the-purse items I never used.

Total items: 12

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What To Do With Old Cell Phones

I am the proud new owner of an iPhone. My husband has a Blackberry that his work has him carry around. Add these two things up, and you get two cell phones and three chargers that we no longer need.

Cell phones are one of those things that you don't want to just throw away. And if you're like I was not too long ago, you know there are places that will recycle your phones for you, but you're not entirely sure where.

I was fortunate in that I tweeted about my old cell phone and one of my blog friends asked if she could have it. I was really happy, because giving the phone to someone who will use it is even better than recycling it.

I also sent her my wall charger and my car charger, because as long as I was mailing my junk away, I figured that I might as well mail a lot of junk.

That got me thinking about Alex's phone, which had been just sitting around for a couple of weeks.

I remembered adding several listings for how to get rid of cell phones to my Resources for Decluttering page. So I headed over there and sort of randomly picked one from the nine recycling places I have listed. I ended up with Cell Phones For Soldiers.

Cell Phones for Soldiers seems like a good organization. They sell the phones to a company that recycles them, and then use the money to pay for calling cards to give to soldiers. You can print a free mailing label right off of the internet, or you can pay postage yourself to increase the value of your donation.

They'll take your chargers too. I sent them one phone and one charger. Hopefully a soldier will get to chat with a loved one because of my old phone.

Here are the other cell phone recycling programs I have listed on my Resources page. Some of them are really neat programs that can really help people. Please keep in mind that I have not reviewed these companies and cannot vouch for their services.

Cartridge Fundraising
Cash for Critters
Cell Phones for Soldiers
Shelter Alliance
Secure the Call Foundation
RIP Mobile

Total items: 5

Monday, April 20, 2009

Did You Forget About Me?

Oh, hi! Did you know that there's a blog here? Right here at Who knew? Obviously not me. I have been woefully neglecting this poor little blog. It, and you, have my humblest apologies. I have been very busy and have not decluttered a thing in April.

I'll be back though! I'm running out of easy decluttering, which is one of the reasons why I haven't been here as much lately. Now I have mostly bigger projects that take more thought. I'm interested to see the direction that these projects will take me and this blog. I don't rightly know myself.

Don't worry though, I still have a lot of decluttering to do. I could probably get rid of six items a day for this entire year by going back over the cabinets and closets I decluttered last year and doing them again. I'm not running out of clutter yet.

And since I can't write a post without getting rid of something, I give you the Peeps castle that Sam built on Easter. Because Sam loved eating Peeps so much after we made a Peeps diorama with his friend, I decided to get some for the little dudes for Easter. But no one ate any.

What happened was that Sam made another Peeps diorama, and he insisted that it live on my desk. So it did.

Finally, after many days—and the addition of a couple of purple Peeps by Alex—the battle between the rabbit armies played out.

Both sides suffered heavy losses. But I think you'll agree that the purple side lost the worst.

This kind of qualifies as trash rather than clutter, but because I'm so desperate to add even one item to my count, I'm going to count it as one.