Monday, April 20, 2009

Did You Forget About Me?

Oh, hi! Did you know that there's a blog here? Right here at Who knew? Obviously not me. I have been woefully neglecting this poor little blog. It, and you, have my humblest apologies. I have been very busy and have not decluttered a thing in April.

I'll be back though! I'm running out of easy decluttering, which is one of the reasons why I haven't been here as much lately. Now I have mostly bigger projects that take more thought. I'm interested to see the direction that these projects will take me and this blog. I don't rightly know myself.

Don't worry though, I still have a lot of decluttering to do. I could probably get rid of six items a day for this entire year by going back over the cabinets and closets I decluttered last year and doing them again. I'm not running out of clutter yet.

And since I can't write a post without getting rid of something, I give you the Peeps castle that Sam built on Easter. Because Sam loved eating Peeps so much after we made a Peeps diorama with his friend, I decided to get some for the little dudes for Easter. But no one ate any.

What happened was that Sam made another Peeps diorama, and he insisted that it live on my desk. So it did.

Finally, after many days—and the addition of a couple of purple Peeps by Alex—the battle between the rabbit armies played out.

Both sides suffered heavy losses. But I think you'll agree that the purple side lost the worst.

This kind of qualifies as trash rather than clutter, but because I'm so desperate to add even one item to my count, I'm going to count it as one.


ShallowGal said...

Purple definitely lost the worst. To be fair, he brought down a lot of green peeps, being vastly outnumbered.

Anonymous said...

How about lobbying the Post ombudsperson (sp) to include a children's category in next year's competition? btw, I didn't realize peeps could be so confrontational towards each other, being marshmallows and all.

Stimey said...

SG: Yes, he did inflict some pretty major damages, based on the number of rabbit-less ears laying around.

Anonymous: I think that is a fabulous idea.