Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What To Do With Old Cell Phones

I am the proud new owner of an iPhone. My husband has a Blackberry that his work has him carry around. Add these two things up, and you get two cell phones and three chargers that we no longer need.

Cell phones are one of those things that you don't want to just throw away. And if you're like I was not too long ago, you know there are places that will recycle your phones for you, but you're not entirely sure where.

I was fortunate in that I tweeted about my old cell phone and one of my blog friends asked if she could have it. I was really happy, because giving the phone to someone who will use it is even better than recycling it.

I also sent her my wall charger and my car charger, because as long as I was mailing my junk away, I figured that I might as well mail a lot of junk.

That got me thinking about Alex's phone, which had been just sitting around for a couple of weeks.

I remembered adding several listings for how to get rid of cell phones to my Resources for Decluttering page. So I headed over there and sort of randomly picked one from the nine recycling places I have listed. I ended up with Cell Phones For Soldiers.

Cell Phones for Soldiers seems like a good organization. They sell the phones to a company that recycles them, and then use the money to pay for calling cards to give to soldiers. You can print a free mailing label right off of the internet, or you can pay postage yourself to increase the value of your donation.

They'll take your chargers too. I sent them one phone and one charger. Hopefully a soldier will get to chat with a loved one because of my old phone.

Here are the other cell phone recycling programs I have listed on my Resources page. Some of them are really neat programs that can really help people. Please keep in mind that I have not reviewed these companies and cannot vouch for their services.

Cartridge Fundraising
Cash for Critters
Cell Phones for Soldiers
Shelter Alliance
Secure the Call Foundation
RIP Mobile

Total items: 5


BetteJo said...

I'm pretty sure the organization you chose was started by 2 teenage kids, not sure if they are brother and sister or what. But it just skyrocketed amazingly! Good choice!

*m* said...

Great list. One thing to keep in mind; it may be a good idea to keep one old phone around, just in case someone in your home (say, a teenager) happens to do something boneheaded (say, get submerged at a waterpark with his phone in his pocket) so you don't end up REWARDING his stupidity by buying him a new damn phone.

Not that that's ever happened.

Kim said...

This is funny - I didn't even see this post when I did my Purge Thursday this week! But there must have been cell-phone-recycling mind control beams going out from somewhere!