Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Couple of Randoms...

I was going through my Junk Pyramid photo file and found a couple of things that I got rid of this summer.

The first is a puzzle. I bought an 8-pack of puzzles this summer for my kids and I to do together. And, yes, there were eight puzzles in the box, but only seven of them were unique. Unfortunately, the eighth puzzle was a duplicate of the Jack Sparrow puzzle we'd done first. So that is getting donated.

For our second item, we have a booster seat. About a year ago a neighbor asked if we had a need for a booster seat they were giving away and I said, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" because who doesn't have a need for an extra booster seat?

It turns out that I don't.

It sat in my garage for months until a friend of mine called in a panic to tell me that she couldn't come over to play and deliver her gerbils for pet sitting because her husband had driven off with her daughter's booster seat. Plus, he was going to have to come home early anyway to give her the seat because she had an appointment she couldn't miss.

Happily, I finally found a use for that extra booster seat. I drove it over to her house and traded it for a terrarium of gerbils, and told her that under no circumstances would I be accepting it back.

Total items: 2


Update to my ink recycling post: There were several of you (or two, but still) who opined that my used ink cartridges should count as items. Therefore, I will count the six ink cartridges I recycled the other day, and the one that I took in on Friday. Hooray! Seven more items on the count!