Saturday, September 19, 2009

Emptying the Playroom, One Deep Clean at a Time

Every couple of months I do a thorough cleaning of my kids' room and their playroom. I put everything on the correct shelf, I deep clean, and I purge. The last time I did this to the playroom was mid-summer. In fact, it is due for another deep clean in the next week or so.

Even thought this is old news by now, I thought I would share with you all the stuff that I purged last time I was in there.

I got rid of my kids' bristle blocks that they don't play with anymore and I got rid of that big ol' box of stuff on the left there.

I don't remember what all was in there. But it was a good haul.

This next photo is of all the trash and recycling that accumulated in that room in a couple of months. This is why I have to deep clean so often.

But the best part of this particular purge is that I finally got rid of all the little decorative train track pieces that are adorable but that my kids never use. They like tracks. And trains. And that's about it. (And, frankly, it may be time to pack up the train table before too long.)

I'm counting the bristle blocks as one item, I'm going to (under)guesstimate ten items in the box, and I'll say that I got rid of 12 groups of train toys.

Total items: 23


*m* said...

Nice work. I've got a basement playroom that is calling your name.

So what did you do with the jettisoned toys?

BetteJo said...

And there's your Lego table!!