Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Adventures in Ink Recycling

I was headed to Staples today to buy some printer ink, so I gathered up all my used up ink cartridges that have been taking up space on my desk to take them in to recycle them.

Look! I got rid of exactly six items today!* Although I wish I'd remembered to take the cartridge that had just run out of ink in my printer that necessitated the whole trip in the first place.

Last time I recycled ink, I was unclear about the way you get money back. It turns out that you don't get money immediately, but that it goes on your Staples card and you get it at the end of the month or year or whenever it is that they (claim to) send you money.

Either way, it's better than throwing old cartridges in the trash.

* Dammit. I just noticed that on my last post about ink, I said that these don't count as items because they are consumables. Stupid Past Stimey. I hate her.


BetteJo said...

Looked good to me!

Tech Savvy Mama said...

I agree with BetteJo and was just as skeptical about the new Staples ink recycling program because I'm all about immediate gratification but I did get a check/coupon (?) in the mail. And it didn't even take that long. I think it came at the end of the month.

Kirsten said...

If they collect on our desk (or my counter)and you have to take them somewhere to recycle them, it counts as decluttering. It is sadly important to me that they count!

Anonymous said...

I agree - recycled items and supplies ought to count as de-cluttering, and (I think) as a priority.
Same as donations of reusable items!

Anonymous said...

Also - wrt to recycling, a funny story. (I hope this is really anonymous!)
My organization had a major layoff this year (ok, several layoffs over several years), and I was part of the most recent one.
So, I'm between jobs right now. With that said - I'm pretty happy that I no longer print out information that I can view online. So, hopefully, I'm reducing my resource consumption.