Monday, September 28, 2009

The Playroom, Part One Million and Six

I know I just posted about the deep cleaning of the playroom I did over the summer, but I want to show you why you can't just make one sweep through a room and assume that you're done decluttering.

I got rid of a good number of toys and detritus last time I went through the room, but less than two months later, look at all the stuff I managed to pull out of there:

I took this photo on my kitchen counter.
The black crock with the whisk is not being decluttered.

I'm calling this 17 items, most of which had to be thrown away, unfortunately.

But I was left with a playroom pretty much stripped of anything extraneous.

Dammit. There's a can of paint up there on the top of the shelf. That definitely counts as clutter that needs to be gotten rid of. Also, this room used to be Quinn's, hence his name on the door. I haven't yet remembered to move his letters to Team Stimey Jr.'s door.

The next photo is of Lego Land. Jack pretty much lives in that corner.

And, yes, I am aware that overly decorated walls can contribute to a feeling of clutter, but I think it works in this room.

Plus I have a lot of cute art and nowhere else to put it.

The above photo is obviously the train table, at which my children rarely play anymore. That 5'x3'x2' area probably represents a thousand dollars worth of train paraphernalia collected over the past eight years. Anyone wanna give me a thousand dollars for some trains?

Total items discarded: 17
Total rooms completely awesomely clean: 1


Tech Savvy Mama said...

If I had a money tree outside growing an extra K or so, I'd certainly buy your train table accessories! I'm sure they will be snapped up on CraigsList or as a lot on eBay! Good luck. Wish I had a money tree!

Carrie said...

Loving the vacuum lines on the carpet!! :)

Ok in your lego area. Do you have them organized by size in the bins or is it a free for all? I have all our ours in little pencil boxes that are open so I can use both sides but it takes up quite a bit of space under their table. I think I'm too anal to just chuck all the different pieces into bins.

*m* said...

I feel your pain about the trains. We have a small fortune in Lego sets in our basement -- esp. those costly Harry Potter sets and every freakin' generation of Bionicle. My son informs me that he wants to save them for HIS kids. He better get a job and rent himself a POD, is all I can say. The clock is ticking on those suckers.

Manic Mommy said...

Right now, we've got our Legos in a plastic locking container about the size of oversized shoe box. We're gonna need to upgrade soon. I do like that corner.

I am so jealous of your playroom. We're having ours radon tested and then shoving the kids down there whether they like it or not.

Jen said...

My older two have fought over who should get the trains. I've told them that the first grandchild produced after they are, say, 23+ is the lucky recipient. Unless, of course, Grandma wants to have them at her house. ;-D

We never had a train table though, so they all fit in one (big) plastic box. Barely.

Melissa said...

You are my hero! I badly need to go through our toys. We bought most of our trains from someone on craigslist--you should try selling there, although a thousand may be a bit steep :)

Anonymous said...

I say save the trains/table/assessories. They are too wonderful to get rid of. YM