Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sneakers, Boots, and Crocs, Oh My!

I think I've said this before, but every single time I look through my kids' shoes, I find at least one pair to get rid of. This summer, I've found five pairs to get rid of.

These were Sam's:

These were given to me as hand-me-downs for Quinn, not two weeks ago. And then I found out that he needs fancy shoes (meaning "actually fit and support his feet") with arch supports. So these are getting passed on.

These last are Quinn's beloved Crocs that he wore for two years, in all seasons. They also had a brief career as first and second base in impromptu baseball games.

I also donated a pair of shoes at the shoe store where we got Quinn's new shoes. Tomorrow I'll have some information on different ways to recycle and donate shoes.

Total items to be donated: 6


Nicole (NicoleLJ) said...

I have a friend who's adopting kids from Haiti. Crocs are like gold in orphanages! They don't need to match, they're easy on/off, last a long time, can be hosed off, etc. She's no longer collecting, but it might be worth seeing if anyone is collecting used crocs for an orphanage.

ShallowGal said...

Glad you're back here. With all 3 kids back in school I've attacked the garage and my desk: Next project is my closet. Ack!