Friday, September 18, 2009

Useful, But Never Used

A couple of weeks ago, I got rid of this:

First of all, let's just try to pretend that the table in the background isn't the most cluttered table on the planet.

Moving on.

This fantastic roll of newsprint seems like a silly thing to give away what with all the possibilities it holds. You might think I shouldn't have put it in the recycling bin. But what if I told you that this particular roll of newsprint is older than both Jack and Quinn?

Funny story about this roll of paper. Back when I lived in Alaska for a year, starting when Sam was 10 months old, I used to go to the gym every single weekday morning. And the lady that ran the daycare there told me that the Fairbanks paper had all kinds of extra ends of newsprint rolls that they got rid of, but that you could just go pick them up and use them for free.

What a great idea, I thought!

So I tromped over to the newspaper office one day and dragged Sam out of the car. He was all ensconced in a giant blue snowsuit, it being 20 degrees below zero. We went into the office and were confronted with a busy room and no obvious front desk.

The daycare lady had told me that the production room was down a hall that started to the right of the entry room and that the rolls of paper were just inside the door on the left. So I walked in like I knew what I was doing, wandered down the hall (puffy blue toddler in arms), and found the production room.

I located the end rolls and picked the one that still had the most paper on it.

Now, Sam wasn't walking very well yet in those days, especially if encumbered by a large blue snowsuit. So I put him in one arm and the (very heavy) roll in the other arm and walked right back out of the building.

No one said a word to me.

I still wonder about that. It's not like I looked like I belonged. And it's not like I was wandering around in the lobby. I was deep in the bowels of the production plant. You know, with a toddler.

Anywho. We used the paper roll a couple times and then had it moved from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Maryland. Think on that for a minute.

Once we were in Maryland, we used it a couple more times.

It's huge too, so it's hard to find a place for it, so we would forget about it all the time until it got in our way and then we would curse at it. I think the cats may have used it for a scratching post.

I'm really happy that it's gone. At least I got a funny story out of it.

But it was a good lesson. Sometimes something that is super useful and a great idea just doesn't work for your family. And that's okay. In retrospect, I wish I'd Freecycled it instead, but I'm just glad that I have my two cubic feet back.

Total items: 1


The Lowe said...

Just came across a barter bash happening tomorrow:
"Barter Bash is a community event where you bring your used, yet still usable, and in good condition items that you can barter (trade) for other people's items. This is the kickoff event. It will be held on fri Sep 18 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at the Funfit Family Center in the Redland shopping center (same plaza as the Derwood Post Office and the Outta the Way Cafe). You can also bring items to give/freecycle away. Great time to declutter. Tables provided. Lots of free parking."

The Lowe said...

More info:

BRING THE KIDS! They can jump in the Big Bouncer while
you browse!

ADDRESS: 17511 Redland Road, Derwood, MD, Redland Ctr

This free event is sponsored by Funfit Family Center and charter members of the sister Yahoo Group '' group. The mission is to keep items out of the landfill while helping our community.

BetteJo said...

The paper is one of those items that falls under the category of "we might need it one day . . " and so it stays. You even moved it! I can't tell you how many things I've moved only to get rid of them as I unpacked. Grrrr ...

Stimey said...

@ The Lowe: Great tip! Thanks! I wish I'd been able to go.

Innocent Observer said...

We have several of those HUGE rolls. Only our are white, and I force the children to use them. In our house they are the wrapping paper, along with some rubber stamps and markers. In the state I used to live in we had to PAY for them, and mine have traveled from MA to ME to MA and back to ME. Not as exciting as Alaska to Maryland, but they have been packed more than their fair share! :P