Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clothing Purge

Through regular seasonal changing out of my kids' clothes and some purges from my and Alex's closets, we've managed to put together a pretty good haul of clothing to get rid of.

These are outgrown summer clothes (and an old backpack) that I purged over the summer.

Here's a big ol' pile of clothes that Alex got rid of. I added a bunch that didn't make it into the photo.

This is the most recent bunch, which I got rid of last week when I packed my kids' summer clothes away for the winter. These are clothes that my kids have outgrown or that one of them (*cough*Quinn*cough*) refuses to wear. I'm a little sad because a few of these are some of my favorites. I hope that someone else will get some good use out of them.

I'm guessing 40 items or so.


Manic Mommy said...


I took a bag of hand-me-downs returned by my sister (that were supposed to go to my neighbor) and just donated them. I didn't have the strength to go through them.

BetteJo said...

Oooh! Good job! I gave away about 5 big bags of clothes earlier in the year and have a bag in my bedroom that is half full. It is ONE thing I actually do.