Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clothes Purge: What I Couldn't Part With

I am a Levi's 501 gal. I LOVE them. They will always be my preferred pants. I love the shape, I love the fit, I love the button fly, I love the way they look with my preferred shoe (which is a boot), and I love the way I feel bad ass in them.

Unfortunately, I don't fit into any of the 501s that I currently own.

During my clothing purge the other day, I set aside my last 10 pairs and decided to sell them.

But I can't. I just can't. I love them. I have carefully collected Levi's from thrift stores since grad school. I gave away the really small 501s a long time ago. They were the ones I wore during the time I was referred to as "the skinny one." (Long story. There was a break up. I only ate M&Ms for an extended period of time. I dropped a LOT of weight pretty rapidly.)

The ones I have left are of a reasonable size that I can re-wear them someday, and hopefully not too far in the future. Maybe I'll even surpass my expectations and have to start checking the thrift stores again.

I've decided, however, to keep these pants as my current inspiration/aspiration. I'll get there.

Sometimes there are items that you just can't purge. Evidently 501s are mine. What are yours?