Sunday, November 14, 2010

Collateral Decluttering

The other day when I was cleaning out my wicker tote bag chest, I came across a few other things in the vicinity that I decided to declutter while I was at it. It's kind of like collateral damage, only in a good way.

Quinn has been wearing a gray sweatshirt for what feels like years. I finally got rid of it. A couple of weeks ago, I also got rid of his most beloved NASA fleece sweatshirt that he has been wearing for many years, so I will count that too. That one I gave to a friend.

I was very happy to be able to convince Quinn that a new, larger sweatshirt might be just the thing for him. It's bright blue and he loves it. Although today he wore Jack's camo sweatshirt because he was wearing camo pants and he spent a big chunk of the morning trying to convince us all that he was invisible because of it, which is the exact same thing Sarah's kid did a couple of weeks ago. I am highly amused by the insanity of small children.

I also found these three pairs of shoes that Quinn grew out of.

Total items: 5