Wednesday, November 3, 2010

That Time of Year Again & A Pledge

Twice a year I switch out my kids' clothes so they don't head off to school in shorts in November. I finally got around to taking those shorts out of their drawers yesterday, and just in time too, because it's really cold today. Of course, Sam dug some shorts out of the dirty clothes hamper. I can't forget to grab those clothes too.

I am always surprised by how many clothes my kids have—and by how much they grow in just a few months. There were many 4T pieces of clothing in the winter box that my kids will never be able to squeeze into again.

It was just hard to get rid of some of them. There was a lot of beloved clothing in this batch.

There were also these:

Those are the bottom half of pants that can be changed into shorts. Once those leg bits were zipped off the first time, I don't think they were ever put back on. Hard as I looked, I couldn't find the pants they went with. I finally threw them away.

It's always interesting to me to see which one of my kids ends up with the most clothes in his drawer after I readjust ownership for size and who will agree to wear what. Jack wins this season, with more shirts and pants than anyone else.

I have exactly 50 pieces of clothing that I am donating. Fifty. That's a lot of clothes. It's a little shocking actually.

I don't want to be able to donate this many clothes next time. I am here to pledge, right now, that I will not purchase any more clothes for my kids this winter. They have plenty. All of them have plenty.

I am also here to say, right now, that, Mom, you are not allowed to buy clothes for my kids for Christmas either. They have so much. I'm sorry.

Total items: 50 articles of clothing + 1 set of leg holes.