Friday, November 12, 2010

When Useful Things Turn Clutter: Tote Bags

Remember a few years ago when everyone started using reusable bags instead of plastic bags? Awesome, right? No more paper or plastic, thank you very much, I have my own! My family has collected a huge number of reusable bags and totes in the past couple of years. We even use reusable produce bags that I bought for Alex after Swistle bought some for her husband.

I do lots of things that other people do first.

Anywho. In those past few years, I have attended many events at which items are handed out. At such events, it is typical that things are handed out in a reusable tote bag with a brand name on the outside, because who wants to be the asshole giving away swag in a plastic grocery sack? No one, that's who.

Consequently, I have dozens of tote bags in a variety of sizes and designs. In the past I have been loathe to get rid of them, because of this axiom: Tote bags are USEFUL. It's true. They are.

But here's the thing. No one will EVER have a use for this many bags:


That photo doesn't include the bags we use for grocery shopping either.

My tote bags were living in a wicker chest in my dining room and their bulk was making it so I couldn't use the chest for anything else. The other day I went through and took out the weird shaped bags, the ones I don't and will probably never use, and the brands I hate (Staples, I'm talking to you).

I kept a good number of bags, because, hello? Tote bags are USEFUL. But I got rid of 16 of them.

It's hard to look at all the wasted USEFULNESS.

I probably kept too many, but I wasn't ready to get rid of bags I like yet. Regardless, I was able to consolidate them into half of the chest, with sports equipment on the other side, with room for our outside garbage bags as well!

Looks pretty good, huh?

While I still do have too many, I do believe that there is value in having different sizes of tote bags made out of different materials, because there are a variety of things in this world to carry and one bag does not fit all.

Total items: 16