Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Great TV Room Declutter: Closet Edition

I spent Thanksgiving weekend cleaning, organizing, and decluttering my TV room. My family spends a lot of time in there and my computer desk and videography closet is in there, along with our DVDs and video games, so there is naturally a large amount of clutter present.

I managed to declutter the whole room except for the desk and small table drawers. There are 12 of those. I'll deal with them later. (Sigh.)

I started in the TV room by working on my closet in the corner where I keep my videography equipment and supplies, as well as other assorted things. The interesting thing about the closet is that I didn't actually get rid of very much. In this case, it was a simple matter of reorganization that made a huge difference.

I don't know if you can tell because it's really awkward to photograph that closet, but there's quite a difference in there. That shelf on the left actually has a nearly empty cubby now, which is quite different from what was going on in there before.


Here is everything I discarded from the closet.

5 items.

Those DVD spindles seem like they would be so useful, so I have a hard time getting rid of them, but I really only need one extra and I have one of those in my desk. I also found a remote that is affiliated with a DVD player than no longer exists.

If you're a long-time reader of Stimeyland, you might recognize the photo from my old blog cards (in the plastic bag), which used to be the header over there. The other side of those cards has information for this fabulous blog. Ah, remember a time when I only had two blogs?

The other improvement I made in the closet area was to shift around an old computer that used to be on the floor in the corner. It rarely gets used, so it doesn't have to be accessible, but it does have to live in a way that doesn't prohibit its use, because it does get pulled out occasionally.

My solution was to pull out the little caddy that my printer lives on and shove the computer behind it. The flat monitor lives next to the caddy now. A special bonus feature is that now there is room to open the closet door ALL THE WAY! Imagine that.

There is also a spot for small children to hide.

I am so much happier with my closet/corner area now. It's so much neater, AND it's easier to reach my printer. Win win.

Next up: My desk.