Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Great TV Room Declutter: The Neighborhood of the Desk Edition

After I cleaned out the closet in my TV room, I moved on to cleaning off my desk and the containers around the desk. I started with rearranging a bunch of things on my desk to make it easier to keep clean. I didn't get rid of very much on my desk, but I did streamline it a little.

It looks pretty, huh?

The things that did require decluttering, however, were the various containers on the floor near the desk. 

For instance, I had a bag of swag that I hadn't gone through after BlogHer. It was sitting in a bag right next to my desk. The reason that stuff was sitting in a bag next to my desk is because they were things I just didn't know what to do with and I kept putting off going through the bag. Finally I decided that if I didn't go through it, I should just put the whole bag in my donation area.

I went through the bag, found the things I wanted to keep and put them away. Then I gave some of the items to my mother in law, who happened to be visiting, and put the rest in my donation bin. Voila! Easy peasy. Twenty items and the bag they were held in—gone!

I was feeling pretty proud of myself until I saw a magazine file that I had stashed on the floor behind my desk and forgotten about. Hmmm.

The first thing I noticed was a packet of tickets for a babysitting co-op I hadn't belonged to for more than a year. I found a couple of other folders full of archaic things. Like a folder with fliers for things to do in my town. I put that folder together when I moved into this house.

Six years ago.

Clearly that folder has not been a great deal of help to me, seeing as how I forgot that it existed.

I also found my dog's frequent grooming card, which shows that she was last groomed in...2003. So it's not quite up to date then.

We are going to earn that free grooming any day now!

I also found this:

I know. You're confused. Here's what that is. I like to read books, but for the past several years, I have not had as much of a chance to read as I would like. During that time I would read a book review for a book I wanted to read and I would rip it out and put it in this folder so that when the day came when I had time to read all the books I wanted, I wouldn't be stuck without knowing what to read.

Very clearly, this needs to go. It was a little hard to let go of it because each piece of paper there represents a book I want to read—information or words I want to absorb. But seriously, I can't keep all those pieces of paper. I could put all the titles in a document and just keep the document, but c'mon. It pained me, but I recycled all of it.

Honestly, people, it's steps like this that are going to keep me off of season 15 of Hoarders once my kids go off to college.

Of everything in that magazine file, the only thing I kept were assembly instructions for my treadmill, and I put those in my instructions and warranties drawer.

Not bad.

I'm calling this four items, but that little file represents a lot more than four items. It represents the essence of the Junk Pyramid and my decluttering efforts.

Up next: My video game area.