Sunday, December 12, 2010

Old Snacks

Over the past couple of weeks, I cleaned and organized my TV room. I made a lot of improvements to the space in that room without necessarily getting rid of a lot of stuff. When I cleaned out my snack cabinet the other day, I did exactly the opposite: I threw out a lot of stuff, but didn't make a big change in the way the cabinet looked.

My snack cabinet (sort of self-explanatory, really) is where my kids know to look when they want a quick snack. I keep goldfish crackers, pretzels, and the like there. I actually need to revisit whether that is a good use for the cabinet, as the things I keep there could probably be consolidated with other foods and live elsewhere, thus freeing up a whole cabinet worth of space.

Regardless, this is the cabinet when I started:

It's not bad, but it was time for me to look at how long some of that food had been in there. This is something I recommend you do regularly for all of your cabinets.

In my case, I found a few things that were distressing.

The happy goldfish wasn't distressing, but the pretzels that I can't remember putting in there are. I kept the goldfish and threw away the pretzels. We don't use the goldfish very often but they are so darn cute. I'm just not ready to discard them.

I also found a bunch of cookies.

 I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that I bought those cookies at Ikea two Christmases ago. Here's the thing. I thought they were butter cookies with jam on top. Turns out they were vanilla sandwich cookies with jam on top. They were substantially less delicious than I'd hoped. I gave some away with Christmas gifts that year and ate a few, but I just couldn't get past my disappointment.

When I can't eat a bunch of cookies, you know they're not very good.

I also found a veritable treasure trove of raisins. My kids don't eat them very often, although they will occasionally go a a raisin jag, causing me to buy a bunch of them, only to watch them turn into tiny little shriveled rocks.

There was also a goldfish container with no top, which I got rid of, and a bag of rock hard gummy bears. Delish!

Here is my finished product:

It's not a whole lot more decluttered, but it is definitely an improvement on the edible foods front. Also, do you see what I mean about the wasted space? I need to do some thinking about eliminating the snack cabinet completely.

Total items: 11