Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alex Gets in on the Act

On Monday, I was home with Sam, Jack was at a playdate with a friend, and Alex took Quinn to Target. They came home with some medium size ceramic plates and some glass glasses. He immediately set about removing all of our mismatched and assorted plastic plates, cups, and bowls from the cabinet.

Evidently he's tired of all the plastic.*

I saved a few of the bowls that I know we need, even if he doesn't. (You need small plastic bowls to mete out goldfish crackers at playdates.)

Here's what we agreed upon getting rid of:

Inspired, I got rid of a couple of other things as well:

Normally I wouldn't count things that I got rid of but then replaced with something else, but I'm counting these because the change in the look of the cabinet is extreme. Also, there is more that we got rid of than we added. Double also, I got rid of a bunch of ink cartridges by putting them in the ink recycling bin at Target and I forgot to count them, so I'm counting these instead.

Total items: 25

* It was actually kind of timely. At the same time Alex was buying the new dishes, there was a grownup professional person at our house and I had to give him water in a plastic cup with a picture of a snowman wearing a Santa hat on it.