Friday, February 4, 2011

Colorful Trash

Remember how I cleaned out the craft cabinet a while back? Don't worry, it's not messy again yet. I did, however, forget to mention a couple of things I got rid of when I did a quick first pass prior to the clean out.

I mention them because they were difficult for me to get rid of. Let me explain. The first explanation starts almost four years ago.

When Jack turned four years old, we had a water balloon target practice at his birthday party. For some dumb reason, we didn't bother to fill up the water balloons until late the night before the party and then, for some reason, we did it outside.

It was a valid reason, but I have no recollection of what it was.

Regardless, Alex and I sat outside in the DARK for probably an hour filling dozens of water balloons, for what we knew would be a ten-minute activity. Naturally, there were many balloons we ended up deciding we didn't need. Those balloons—and apparently a piece of sidewalk chalk—have been taking up space in my craft cabinet ever since.

Needless to say, we will not be having that activity at a party again, because although it was a HUGE success and we all loved it, it was a HUGE pain in the ass. Occasionally, my kids ask for water balloons and I think about it and I decide that I really don't want to spend a minute on each balloon that will take them a nanosecond to destroy.

I'm sorry, planet Earth, but I had to just throw these away. I promise to not buy them again.

In similarly bad-to-throw-away news, I have rubber bands. I rarely use rubber bands, but occasionally I need one and nothing else will do, so I try to keep them around. Apparently, I keep them in this little green box...

...even though everyone knows that the rubber band ball is the far superior way to contain them.

I have a rubber band ball, so I got rid of the loose rubber bands.

Instead of pushing my luck by counting each individual item, I'm going to go with four—water balloons, rubber bands, sidewalk chalk, and the spigot thing for the balloons (because even though it comes with each packet of balloons and even though I swore I would not buy water balloons again, part of me was all, "but this is a USEFUL ITEM").